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Worx Beginners Vibrant

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The Worx Beginners Vibrant is a manual pump for the penis. This pump has a pumping handle connected to the tube that will go over the man's penis, as well as a vibration mechanism around the pump for more stimulation.


Penis pumps are commonly used to help the erection to be harder, longer, or to increase the size of the penis over a longer period of time. In any case, it is recommended to go in the shower before use, because the pores of the skin will be enlarged and flexible thanks to the hot water. The practice will therefore be more smooth.


The penis will go inside the tube. Once in place, make sure to pump moderately to avoid shocking the blood vessels or skin pores. Once the maximum expansion is reached, remove the pump and put on an erectile ring.


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- Adjustable vibration speed


- Perfect for beginners


- Delays premature ejaculations


- Help with penis size




Length: 7.5 inches - (191 mm)


Width: 2.25 inches - (57 mm)


Height: 2 inches - (51 mm)

Please note that for penis enlargement, the man should use the pump twice a day (10-15 minutes per day) for about 3 months to see a difference of half an inch. For this kind of use, it is recommended to use the product called N-Larg for more effective results.

Availability Available
Vibration Avec
Material Plastique
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