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Wicked "AQUA" also has an edition of edible lubricants. Wicked chose to use "Stevia" rather than sugar or sucralose, which gives a very sweet flavor to the lubricant.


It actually has an average sweetening power 300 times greater than the sugar we know, which allows Wicked to produce lubricants with very realistic flavors.


They offer a much more exotic flavor range than conventional strawberry and chocolate.

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- The Stevia acts as a sweetner 


- Little sticky


- Long duration


- Realistic flavors without taste

The choice of flavors are:


- Vanilla


- Pomegrenade


- Cinnamon bun


- Salted caramel


- Cherry Blossom ('Cherry Blossom' ')


- Pink lemonade


- Mocha


- Sweet Apple


- Sweet peach

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