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Jo Hybride Coconut

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The original JO Hybrid Coconut is a personal lubricant based on water and coconut. It is a good lubricant for the relationship, masturbation and the use of a toy.


JO Hybrid Coconut is an ideal lubricant for use with erotic toys thanks to its creamy and unctuous texture. The coconut aroma will increase the durability of the lubricant while leaving a delicate coconut smell. The water base will ensure that the lubricant will be compatible with erotic toys. However, it is not recommended to use the lubricant with objects made of latex.


This lubricant leaves the skin soft once use is complete

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- Ideal for use with toys


- Creamy and creamy texture


- Delicate smell of coconut


- Easy to clean


- Compatible with most materials

It is not recommended to use lubricant with objects made of latex.

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Base Hybride
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