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Gel N Bath is a really great product, it is a powder based with dry algae that will turn your bath water into real Jell-O.

It will be enough to sprinkle the powder in the bathwater already poured and mix for about 10 minutes for the liquid to become gel. This product is perfect for relaxing in your bath with a glass of wine as it will keep the heat of the water for over an hour.

Otherwise, the gel is also more slippery than water, so it is possible to have a safe and comfortable relationship indoors. It is a soft and pleasant texture, so Gel N Bath can easily be used for children of all ages who do not like to take a bath.

This product is slightly fragrant, without being harmful to the genitals. The smells are all matching color (Jasmine / Green, Strawberry / Pink, Ocean / Blue Breeze, Lavender / Purple). This jelly will flow very easily into the bath drain, thanks to the salt that will dissolve the jelly in simple colored water. This product is also exfoliating and moisturizing

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- Exfoliating

- moisturizing and relaxing

- for all ages

- Creamy and comfortable

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