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Floravie vaginal dilators are a set of 4 dildos that gradually go up in size. The dilators are hypoallergenic and made of 100% medical silicone.


The use of dilators is to exercise the pelvic muscles as well as to reduce the discomfort associated with genital conditions. The dilators will gently help the vagina to expand and deepen. To help advance penetration, it is suggested that you add a water-based lubricant to the toy. This will avoid irritation and discomfort.


To start using it is best to be in a calm and serene state of mind. You can lie on your back, sit or even stand up. The important thing is that you are comfortable. Then, the smallest dilator will be inserted, before moving it, leave the toy in place and get used to it. Once comfortable, you can make small circular movements and then, slight movements back and forth. Eventually, when you feel ready to go to the next size, start over with the same steps as stated before. 

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Dilators will help relieve in the medium long term:


- vaginismus


- Vulvodynia, vestibulodynia and dyspareunia


- vaginal stenosis


- chemotherapy and radiotherapy


- Difficulties due to menopause

Vaginal dilators are for you if you have pain during intercourse, insertion of a tampon or even a gynecological examination.

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