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Chandelle de Massage

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The Shunga Massage Candle is a body massage candle with a sweet and intoxicating smell. This candle, once lit, will become a creamy oil, perfect for relaxing and muscular massages.


Once the oil has melted, blow on the flame, let it rest for a few seconds, then pour on the body. The creamy oil will be pleasantly warm and not dangerous, it will not burn. This heat will relax the person who receives the massage, as well as his muscles in addition to leaving a sweet smell in the room that you turn it on.


The choices of frangrances are: Aphrodisia / Roses, Desire / Vanilla, Excitation / Chocolate, Libido / Exotic fruits, Romance / Strawberry champagne and Zenitude / Green tea


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—Becomes a creamy and comfortable oil

—Made of 100% natural oils

—Makes the skin soft and silky

—Duration of 40h

Please note that if there is oil on the genitals, it is not recommended to have penetration without wiping it.

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