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Nowadays, erotic toys are adapted to be attentive to the body. The various shapes and sizes are made so that every type of pleasure desired is possible. The textures are soft, silky and now, not very porous. These new materials make them almost all hypoallergenic. Sex toys can be used very well for solitary pleasure and if you are out of inspiration, the "sex toys" will entertain both you and your partner. To simplify the task, we have created a category with the most popular toys.

There are, commonly called, "charmers". Which means they have vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. These vibrators are complete and offer you several functions of vibration and drive. Impulses will prevent numbness and allow you to reach an orgasm in no time. For something more discreet, you will find the "eggs and bullets". Small and versatile, they can be used virtually anywhere and in any position. Find the latest favorites such as the '' Womanizer ''. A toy with a new, more advanced technology. Instead of a vibration, we find a suction effect, which will increase blood flow faster in the clitoris and make it more sensitive. According to one study, 98% of women would reach an orgasm in less than a minute.

There are also realistic toys. These toys have a phallic shape and are veined like real penises. Most are equipped with a suction cup to allow you to place it on virtually any surface. This allows for maximum exploration. The textures are ultra-realistic to have that extra real pleasure. 

Enter explore this fascinating world, discover simple dildos, compatible toys with harnesses, vibrators and more.

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