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No sex without latex! Protection during sex is very important and to do so, the best way to date is wearing a condom.

Condoms now have many more varieties than they had just a few years ago. There are latex condoms, Vegan latex condoms, latex-free condoms, polyisoprene, polyurethane or synthetic resin. There are also condoms with flavors and colors, or with ribs and textures, or condoms with different thicknesses or sizes. There is even a new technology that allows synthetic resin condoms to adjust to the size of the penis of the wearer!

We have several companies offering condom boxes, but we also have the choice of buying condoms in bulk to offer the opportunity to mix and match. There are also rarer items such as latex dam for female oral sex, and female condoms.

For more details on condom differences or for additional information, please contact one of our branches.

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